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Leisure activities Function

Accessibility of local facilities (1466) Service

Information on the accessibility of spaces and buildings available to the public such as shops, theatres, leisure centres, parks, transport facilties etc. in the local area In the UK this information is often provided in conjunction with DisabledGo.

Activities for children and young people (642) Service

Information about sporting, cultural and social activities in the local area for children and young people. Activities may be available on a drop-in basis or may require a regular commitment.

Activities for older people (640) Service

Provision of leisure activities for older people within the community. This may include cultural, sporting and other organised social activities.

Exercise and fitness classes (1789) Service

Group classes in a range of activities to help local residents keep fit and active

Fishing (465) Service

Provision of information on local fishing areas, seasons and how to obtain permission to fish

Hobby and interest classes and groups (1804) Service

Classes or groups which provide instrusction or a means of participating in various hobbies an interests such as bridge, board games,

Inclusive leisure and social activities (241) Service

Providing information and advice about local organisations and clubs that provide leisure and social activities in the area, which are targeted at specific groups of people such as people with disabilities, the elderly, ethnic communities etc..

Leisure passes (456) Service

Passes which give access to leisure facilities such as swimming pools, gymnasiums, sports halls run by the local authority. The pass entitles the holder to use the facilities, usually at a reduced charge and to book facilities where available. The pass may be issued free of charge or at a concessionary rate to those meeting certain eligibility criteria (disabled, on benefits etc.)

Outdoor activities (1793) Service

Organised group outdoor activities encouraging local residents to keep active. Groups may be restricted by age or ability for some activities.

Social clubs and groups (1806) Service

Local clubs and groups where people can meet and socialise with others. Some groups and clubs may provide additional activities in addition to the opportunity to meet and talk to others.

Young people's organised activities (643) Service Discontinued

Provision and support of a range of educational services and social activities for children and young people.

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