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Arts and entertainment Function

Art commissions (1372) Service

A local administration may commission works of art from local or other artists for display in public buildings or other art exhibitions in the area.

Arts and creative classes (1791) Service

Creative arts classes enabling local residents the opportunity to discover and/or develop their creative potential

Arts development (884) Service

Support and development of arts in the local community. This is typically achieved by by giving residents the opportunity to take part in arts activities and also by providing information and support to local artists, arts groups and members of the public. The local authority may run arts projects in the community and work with local artists and other groups to plan future arts activity.

Arts organisations and events (838) Service

Provision of information and advice on local arts organisations, exhibitions and events.

Music rooms and recording studios (1517) Service

Provision of facilities such as music rooms and recording studios which can be used by local young people for practice in performing and in creating recorded material.

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