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Taxation Function

Council tax account enquiries (58) Service

The council tax service provides householders with information relating to their council tax and payments. This may include information on payments, arrears, discount eligibility etc. and copies of bills.

Council tax annual notification (57) Service

Council tax is payable on domestic dwellings and is charged by the local authority to pay for the services it provides. The council tax rates should be published each year together with information on how rates are assessed, eligibility, how to pay etc. The council should also provide information on how to appeal if you think your council tax bill is incorrect.

Council tax appeals (1763) Service

The council consider appeals from homeowners and/or residents where they consider that their home should be exempt from council tax, that they should be entitled to a discount or that they are not liable for council tax because they are not the property owner. Appeals against valuations are considered by the Valuation Office although th council may provide information on how to appeal.

Council tax band reductions (61) Service

The local authority may give a band reduction in order to recalculate the amount of council tax payable if a permanently disabled person lives in a dwelling with certain features which are essential or of major importance to the well being of the disabled person.

Council tax discount (59) Service

Processing of requests and assessment of eligibility for a single person or other discount on their council tax.

Council tax exemptions (60) Service

The council tax exemption scheme may exempt unoccupied and occupied properties from council tax.

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