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Recycling Function

Composters (535) Service

Provision of composters for recycling garden waste. These may be available to local residents free of charge or for purchase at a subsidised rate.

Food waste recycling (1423) Service

Local administrations may run a food waste recycle scheme. This may take the form of collecting of food waste in special containers to be composted in a central facility or providing home food composters for which there may be a charge.

Recycling advice and initiatives (851) Service

General information about waste, recycling, greener alternatives, how to reduce waste and provide access and information about organisations who may provide associated services (reducing junk mail, furniture reselling etc.)

Recycling bags and containers (533) Service

Provision of a container (bag, green box etc.) for door-to-door collection of household waste for recycling.

Recycling of batteries (1779) Service

Batteries are classified as hazardous waste because of the toxins that they contain, and therefore need to be disposed of differently from ordinary waste. The council may provide a battery recycling facility at a local recycling centre or collect batteries as part of the kerbside recycling service. The council may also provide information about other locations in the area where batteries can be recycled.

Recycling sites (534) Service

Provision of collection sites (also known as bottle or recycling banks and 'bring sites'), for recyclable waste which are easily accessible by local residents (often near supermarkets, in car parks etc.). Sites usually have facilities to collect glass and paper with some also providing facilities for textiles, plastics and cans.

Residential recycling collections (1130) Service

The local authority provides a regular (usually weekly) collection of household items for recycling from residential premises within the authority boundaries.

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