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Parks and open spaces Function

Common land and village greens (649) Service

The local authority is responsible for maintaining a register of common land and village greens within its boundaries.

Grass cutting (589) Service

Cutting of grass on public land within the local authority area.

Gypsy and traveller sites (655) Service

Provision and management of permanent or transit sites for use by travellers within the area. Also dealing with unauthorised use of land by traveller communities.

Outdoor play facilities (670) Service

Local play facilities such as playgrounds, outdoor play areas, cycle tracks, skateboard parks and others which cater for children and young people.

Parks and open space landscaping (669) Service Discontinued

Design and maintenance of cultivated areas, open areas and woodland in public parks and open spaces

Parks and open space maintenance and landscaping (709) Service

Established standards of horticultural landscaping and maintenance for local parks and open spaces. This includes grass cutting, shrub/flower beds, sports pitches, weed control etc.

Parks and open spaces (461) Service

Information about parks in the local area including location, facilities, opening times, events etc.

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