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Advice and welfare rights Function

Benefits advice and assessment (190) Service

Advisors offering benefit assessment and providing advice about entitlement to welfare benefits to individuals in receipt of benefit or claiming benefit.

Bereavement support (328) Service

Provision of support and advice to relatives about the arrangements that need to be made after a bereavement, such as registering the death and obtaining a death certificate.

Credit unions (352) Service

A credit union is a profit sharing, democratically run financial co-operative which offers convenient savings and low interest loans to its members. The local authority may offer support to local credit unions by providing advice and information to help them get started and manage their affairs in a legal and efficient way.

Debt counselling (651) Service

This service offers free confidential debt counselling service to citizens. They can advise on different types of debt such as rent and mortgage arrears, credit card debts and bank loans.

Debt enforcement (1520) Service

Where money is owed to a local administration they have the right to pursue repayment of the debt. Such activities are usually carried out under the authority of an enforcement officer who may, if all other options have failed, seize assets of the debtor to cover the debt.

Financial advice and support (1815) Service

Local and national organisations and businesses which can provide financial advice and support both to those in financial difficulties and those who would like to manage their finances efficiently.

Food banks (1818) Service

Emergency food supplies for those who find themselves in poverty for whatever reason. Those in need of help are referred by GPs, Health visitors, CAB, clergy, Community Workers etc�and any professionals who are likely to come into contact with people in real need.

Funeral expenses payment (671) Service

A person needing to pay for a funeral who is in receipt of benefits or on a low income may be entitled to financial assistance in the form of a funeral payment. Such payments usually need to be repaid from the estate of the deceased person.

Legal advice (676) Service

Information and advice to people about their legal rights and help with enforcing them. This may be from Civil Legal Advice or from a private legal service.

Welfare rights advice (189) Service

Information and advice about entitlement to welfare benefits, other allowances, grants and general financial difficulties.

Witness support (688) Service

Support and advice to victims of crime and people who are witnesses to crimes.

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