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Fire safety Function

Arson reduction (800) Service

Advice on measures which can be taken by businesses and residents to reduce the likelihood of arson on their premises.

Community fire safety (802) Service

The local fire authority will help residents and businesses minimise the risk of fire in their homes or place of work by providing advice on fire prevention and protection.

Fire and rescue - operational assurance (1609) Service

Ensuring that firefighting activities are carried out with minimum risk to fire officers and to members of the public.

Fire and rescue - risk management (1610) Service

Fire risk management and business continuity planning in the local community.

Fire hydrants maintenance (818) Service

The local fire authority have a responsibility to check water hydrants in their station area on an annual basis for defects and to ensure that they are serviceable and ready for use in the event of a fire.

Firework incident research (1604) Service

Investigating the cause of firework incidents with the aim of reducing the likelihood of similar incidents taking place.

Home fire safety equipment (1602) Service

Advice and information on how to choose, install, and maintain smoke alarms and other types of fire safety equipment residents may want to consider having in their home

Radioactive materials storage and transport (795) Service

Radioactive materials that are stored, used and transported are the subject of stringent legislative controls. The local fire authority should have plans that cover known sources and any sources in transit. The local fire authority may also have personnel who are specifically trained to deal with radiation incidents.

Specialist rescue services (817) Service

In addition to attending fires the fire service may deal with a range of incidents including; road traffic accidents, trapped people, trapped animals, floods, and chemical spills. The fire authority could charge for calls relating to special services although they may be provided free of charge where there could be a risk to the public or to the environment.

Temporary structure fire safety (1364) Service

Anyone wishing to hold an event open to the public in a temporary structure must apply for a permit to do so. The local fire authority will need to ensure that fire safety regulations have been complied with before such a permit can be issued.

Water network extensions (1607) Service

Undertaking risk assessment of any planned extensions to the water network in the local area.

Workplace fire regulations (813) Service

The local fire authority provides advice to employers on current fire regulations, fire prevention and safety in the workplace.

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