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Port and harbour facilities Function

Boat and trailer parking (757) Service

The local port/harbour authority may provide boat/trailer parking for rent daily, overnight or for longer periods. This may also apply to inland lakes/reservoirs where sailing is available.

Boat moorings (758) Service

Provision of permanent and/or temporary boat moorings for boat owners. Moorings will be subject to charge and may be subject to restrictions (time, vessel size etc.). All boat owners are required to have a permanent mooring for their vessel.

Boat waste disposal (769) Service

Provision of waste reception facilities for all port users including pleasure boats, private yachts/boats and houseboats

Boat winter storage (771) Service

Winter storage facilities for boats and other watercraft can be offered by the local authority (or port authority). The authority processes applications for winter storage and maintains records of stored vessels.

Cranage (759) Service

Port and harbour authorities where cargo is handled provide mobile cranes for the loading/unloading of cargo. They also provide equipment for handling of cargo once unloaded such as fork lift trucks etc.

Lifebelts (779) Service

A local authority is required to provide and maintain lifebelts next to rivers and waterways in the area.

Marine docking beds (774) Service

Works which are proposed at sea or elsewhere in tidal waters, particularly where they would involve operations on the inter-tidal area or that span the high tide mark, may be subject to a range of statutory controls. Consents must be obtained from the relevant authority..

Marine storage lockers (766) Service

Provision of storage lockers for rent to leisure or commercial boat users at some of the ports or harbours.

Port and harbour facilities (765) Service

Information about port facilities within the local area. Port facilities are usually operated by the local port authority but information and some services may be jointly provided with the local authority in whose are the port is situated.

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