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School and special libraries Function

Children's libraries (449) Service

The children's library service offers books and computer learning facilities for children. The library may also provide CDs and cassettes and there will often be organised activities during school holidays.

School library service loans (44) Service

The library services department offers a project loan service for individual teachers with specially selected resources for all subjects and key stages of the national curriculum.

School library service training (41) Service

The school library service works to provide advice, consultancy and training for head teachers, teachers and school librarians, to ensure that the school library is central to learning and supports the curriculum in their schools.

School library visits (45) Service

Visits to schools to give talks about books to children, or to parents and may also provide a storytelling service.

Special needs library facilities (865) Service

Libraries may provide a range of services to meet the requirements of those with special needs. These may include talking books, Braille resources, large print, home library service , accessible computers etc.

Teenagers' library services (1286) Service

Library services offer special collections of material targetted at and suitable for a teenage audience. These will usually include both fiction and non-fiction books, graphic novels, magazines, DVDs, audio books and also pamphlets and leaflets offering advice on a variety of matters including health and social issues. The service may also offer assistance with school work research and designated areas of buildings with suitable equipment such as computer access plus a variety of events specifically aimed at users in this age group

Toy libraries (893) Service

Loan of toys, play equipment and resources appropriate to individual children's needs and also for group use. Generally available to parents and groups working with children in the local area

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