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Adult social care Function

Adult care plan (1757) Service

Following a social care assessment the council will work with any adult who has social care needs to create a care plan which will detail how any eligible needs are to be met. The plan may also suggest ways of meeting needs for which the individual is not eligible to receive help from the council.

Adult placement (1121) Service

The Adult Placement Scheme helps approved Adult Placement Carers (ordinary people from the local community) to share their home and time with someone in need. It is similar to fostering but for adults.

Care Act 2014 implementation (1743) Service

Planning and publication of how the local authority plans to implement the Care Act 2014 when it comes into force in April 2015

Care ambassadors (1283) Service

A national initiative concerned with raising the profile of training and careers in social care. Enthusiastic and committed social care professionals are recruited to represent the social care sector as Care Ambassadors. These professionals are then tasked with enthusing and engaging young people from year nine onwards to take relevant courses to begin careers in this area, thus sustaining and increasing the social care workforce

Care at home (242) Service

Care in your own home is offered to people who require assistance with personal care such as washing or dressing, or other practical daily tasks such as help with domestic chores like cooking and cleaning, or in some instances, help in managing finances.

Care needs assessment (209) Service

Needs assessment is a programme carried out by the local authority to try to establish the needs of an individual who requires help from social services and to arrange services to meet their needs. Following an assessment the appropriate services will be provided and a client file opened.

Client contact problems (232) Service

Procedures for dealing with an existing social services client who has gone missing or is out of contact for a period which gives cause for concern. The local authority will usually act jointly with the police in dealing with such incidents.

Leaving hospital (833) Service

A range of assistance for someone discharged from hospital who may need help to live at home. Usually a worker will visit the patient in hospital to discuss their needs prior to discharge and will then visit again once the patient is home to see that services arranged are enabling them to live safely at home.

Mental health support (1284) Service

Services and advice for people who have, or who are at risk of, mental health problems, together with their families or carers. The aim is to provide support which can prevent or treat mental illness and enable service users to live independently in the community.

Out of hours social care (312) Service

Social care will have an 'out of hours' team who will deal with emergencies (child protection issues, homelessness, mental health assessment etc.) which occur outside normal working hours. Details of how to contact the out of hours team should be published.

Power of attorney (309) Service

Power of Attorney is a legal document whereby one person gives another person or persons the power to act on his or her behalf with regard to his or her property and financial affairs. The local authority may be involved in applications for Power of Attorney for their clients and may work with other agencies to monitor abuses. In Scotland the LA has a series of duties including, among others, helping and supporting people who are welfare guardians and investigating situations where people who cannot make their own decisions might be at risk.

Register of sight impaired and disabled adults (1759) Service

The local authority maintains a register of people who are either visually impaired or who have a disability which prevents them completing essential tasks for day to day living. The register helps the authority understand the demand for services and helps with planning service delivery.

Safeguarding Adults Board (1758) Service

Every authority responsible for social care is required to have a Safeguarding Adults Board which helps and protects adults in their area who have care and support needs and who are experiencing, or are at risk of, abuse or neglect. The safeguarding adults board is typically made up of representatives from the council and other organisations working in social care within the area.

Safeguarding vulnerable adults (731) Service

The adult protection procedure aims to provide a system that a range of organisations or individuals can use to report and respond to situations where it is suspected, alleged or known that a vulnerable adult has been abused

Shared care for adults (229) Service

Shared care offers short term care to adults who are unable to live on their own (without a full-time carer) and the people who care for them. The care can vary in length from a few hours up to a maximum of two weeks at a time and is provided by people approved by Social Services to be shared carers.

Social care financial assessment (1756) Service

Anyone who has been assessed as needing social care services from the council will also have a financial assessment to determine if they are required to pay for any of the services provided and how much any payments should be.

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