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Democratic services Function

Byelaws and regulations (1390) Service

A local administration may create and publish laws and regulations applying to their local area which are legally binding. Such byelaws cannot be in direct contravention of any national law.

Civic recognition and awards (1045) Service

Recognising the outstanding achievements of individuals and groups and the contributions people make to life in the community in the form of civic recognition or awards typically at an annual awards ceremony.

Community assemblies and committees (719) Service

Publication of details of local assemblies and committees and the dates and venues for forthcoming meetings.

Constitution (1291) Service

It is a legal requirement for a public sector organisation to have a constitution which sets out how the organisation will operate and the procedures that are followed to ensure that decision making is efficient, transparent and accountable to local people.

Election results (721) Service

Publication of the results of all local elections in a variety of formats to make them accessible to all members of the community.

Electoral areas (1679) Service

Electoral boundaries for a council area are decided by the Boundary Commission in consultation with the council and local residents. The number of councillors representing each ward or area is decided as part of this process. The council may request a review of current boundaries by the Boundary Commission at any time. The council publish information regarding the current boundaries and any proposed changes.

Electoral nominations (365) Service

The local authority provides information on the process of electoral nominations (how to stand in an election), and publishes a list of nominations for forthcoming local elections.

Electoral register (364) Service

A record of everyone who lives within the boundaries of the local authority and who is eligible to vote at elections. This is kept in two versions, full which includes all electors and edited which only includes those electors who have given permission for their details to be on the list. The edited version must be available for viewing by the public at the council, and may be sold commercially.

Equality and diversity (861) Service

The LA is responsible for ensuring that equality and diversity is considered at all times both in employment policy and in the provision of services. Every authority should assess, and consult on, the impact of policy in relation to equality and diversity within their community

Lord Lieutenant (1651) Service

Her Majesty's Lord-Lieutenants are the representatives of the Crown for each county in the United Kingdom. Lord-Lieutenants are responsible for the organisation of all official Royal visits to their county. Lord-Lieutenants also carry out other duties in their county, such as the presentation of decorations (where the recipient is unable to attend an Investiture), The Queen's Awards for Export and Technology, and Queen's Scout and Queen's Guide Awards.

Minutes, agendas and reports (354) Service

The local authority records and publishes all decisions taken and recommendations made by the local authority and its committees and panels.

Postal voting (1013) Service

Provision of a facility whereby people who cannot attend the polling station on an election day can have postal ballot papers sent to them.

Proxy voting (361) Service

Provision of a facility whereby people who cannot attend the polling station (usually for reasons of ill-health or employment) on an election day can nominate another person who will vote on their behalf. The proxy must be eligible to vote in the election themself in order to act on behalf of another person. In Scotland, the council provides forms to register to vote by proxy.

Referenda (724) Service

Information on the different referenda which can take place and legal terms under which they may be carried out.

Voting (362) Service

A programme enabling the members of the public whose name appears on the register of electors to exercise their right to vote in the election. Providing facilities for voting and counting and declaring results following an election.

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