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Extra-curricular activities Function

Book exhibitions (43) Service

The library services department offers schools book exhibitions of currently available children's fiction, non fiction and picture books.

Extended schools (897) Service

An extended school provides a range of activities and services, often beyond the school day, to help meet the needs of its pupils, their families and the wider community.

Instrumental tuition (51) Service

Individual or group tuition may be offered to both primary and secondary school pupils. Instrumental tuition also supports a wider musical experience through participation in ensembles, bands, orchestras and choirs.

Musical instrument hire (1050) Service

Parents and carers can hire an instrument for their child to use in music lessons at school.

Musical instruments assisted purchase (704) Service

The assisted instrument purchase scheme is strictly for pupils attending community schools who receive musical tuition as part of the curriculum. This allows students to purchase new instruments without paying VAT.

School clubs and activities (47) Service

Schools may offer clubs and societies for students during lunch times, after school and during school holidays

School visits (735) Service

Schools or the LEA may arrange visits by pupils from short trips to local parks or museums to overnight stays in foreign countries. It is essential that all such visits are carried out with the highest regard for the safety and welfare of the pupils taking part in them.

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