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Finance Function

Benefit fraud (726) Service

The local authority aim to detect and prevent any fraudulent benefit claims, stopping and reducing payment in fraudulent cases and preventing over-payment claims.

Finance - accounting (967) Service

Standard accounting procedures including carry forward, balance sheet, reserves, cash flow, certification of accounts, financial statements and accounting policies

Finance - financial management (968) Service

Processing of funds and grants (inwards and outwards) and write-off of debts.

Finance - financial planning (969) Service

Process of developing, implementing and monitoring financial plans, including reviews. Preparing budgets and managing cash flow and reserves.

Finance - fund management (970) Service

Management of pension fund, trust funds and passporting (The transfer, without reduction, of funds from central government to identified services)

Finance - indemnification for members and officers (1700) Service

The council should indemnify each member and officer of the council against any claim, liability, loss and/or damage in relation to any action of, or failure to act by a member or officer when acting on behalf of the council in carrying out their duties.

Finance - inter-organisational charging (1620) Service

Charging of staff time and/or use of equipment between departments within the organisation

Finance - management and control (971) Service

Adoption and development of policies and procedures for accounting practice

Finance - revenue and customs (972) Service

Calculation of income tax, national insurance, VAT and stamp duties

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