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Fostering - information about foster parent and prospective family Duty

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skos:prefLabelFostering - information about foster parent and prospective family
dc:descriptionThe following information is required as to prospective foster parent (“X”) and other members of their household and family: PART 1 1. Full name, address and date of birth. 2. Details of health 3. Particulars of any other adult members of the household. 4. Particulars of the children in the family, whether or not members of the household, and any other children in the household. 5. Particulars of their accommodation. 6. The outcome of any request or application made by them or any other member of their household to foster or adopt children, or for registration as an early years provider or later years provider under Part 3 of the Childcare Act 2006(1), including particulars of any previous approval or refusal of approval relating to them or to any other member of the household. 7. If X has, in the preceding twelve months, been a foster parent approved by another fostering service provider, the name and address of that fostering service provider. 8. Names and addresses of two persons who will provide personal references for X. 9. In relation to X and any other member of X’s household who is aged 18 or over, an enhanced criminal record certificate issued under section 113B of the Police Act 1997 which includes suitability information relating to children (within the meaning of section 113BA(2) of that Act). 10. Details of current, and any previous, marriage, civil partnership or similar relationship. PART 2 11. Details of personality. 12. Religious persuasion, and capacity to care for a child from any particular religious persuasion. 13. Racial origin, cultural and linguistic background and capacity to care for a child from any particular racial origin or cultural or linguistic background. 14. Past and present employment or occupation, standard of living, leisure activities and interests. 15. Previous experience (if any) of caring for their own and other children. 16. Skills, competence and potential relevant to their capacity to care effectively for a child placed with them.”.
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