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Adoption - functions of the adoption panel Duty

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skos:prefLabelAdoption - functions of the adoption panel
dc:description(1) Subject to paragraphs (2) and (3), the adoption panel must consider the case of the prospective adopter referred to it by the adoption agency and make a recommendation to the agency as to whether the prospective adopter is suitable to adopt a child. (2) In considering what recommendation to make the adoption panel— (a)must consider and take into account all the information and reports passed to it in accordance with regulation 30; (b)may request the adoption agency to obtain any other relevant information which the panel considers necessary; and (c)may obtain legal advice as it considers necessary in relation to the case. (3) In relation to the case of a prospective adopter in respect of whom a report has been prepared in accordance with regulation 30(4), the adoption panel must either— (a)request the adoption agency to prepare a further prospective adopter’s report, covering all the matters set out in regulation 30(2); or (b)recommend that the prospective adopter is not suitable to adopt a child. (4) Where the adoption panel makes a recommendation to the adoption agency that the prospective adopter is suitable to adopt a child, the panel may consider and give advice to the agency about the number of children the prospective adopter may be suitable to adopt, their age range, sex and likely needs. (5) Before making any recommendation, the adoption panel must invite the prospective adopter to attend a meeting of the panel.
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