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Health emergency - county directions to district Power

(1) A county council for an area for which there is also a district council may direct the district council to exercise any of the district council's functions in a specified way.

(2) But a county council may only give a direction under this regulation if it considers that it is necessary and proportionate to do so in order to prevent, protect against, delay or otherwise control the incidence or spread of infection by coronavirus in the district council's area.

(3) A direction under this regulation may be varied or revoked by the county council.

(4) In determining whether to give a direction under this regulation, or to vary or revoke such a direction, a county council must have regard to any advice given to it by
(a) its director of public health or its interim or acting director of public health (as the case may be), or
(b) a registered public health consultant approved for the purposes of this regulation by a person mentioned in sub-paragraph (a).
04 Nov 2021
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