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Children Act 1989 Representations - recommendations Duty

After the review panel meeting the panel shall decide on their recommendations and compile a written report which must set out a brief summary of the representations and the panel's recommendations for the resolution of the issues raised in the representations.

Within 5 working days of the meeting or as soon as is reasonably practicable the panel must send its report to the local authority, the complainant and, where one has been appointed, his advocate, the independent person appointed and any other person whom the panel consider has sufficient interest in the case to warrant their receiving such a notice.

Within 15 working days of receiving the panel's recommendations or as soon as is reasonably practicable, the local authority must, together with the independent person appointed under regulation 17(2), consider the recommendations and determine how the authority will respond to them and what they propose to do in the light of them, and must send to the complainant its response and proposals, along with information about making a complaint to a Local Commissioner.
11 Feb 2022
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