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Postponed elections and referendums - postal ballots Duty

Where a local authority makes arrangements for the election of a councillor for any local government area in England to fill a casual vacancy; or a referendum, the poll for which is conducted in accordance with Schedule 3 or 5 to the 2012 Regulations (neighbourhood planning referendums).

In circumstances where notice of election or (as the case may be) notice of the referendum was required to be published on or before 6th April 2020, and the poll for that election or referendum was not held on the date required to be stated in that notice as a result of the Local Government and Police and Crime Commissioner (Coronavirus) (Postponement of Elections and Referendums) (England and Wales) Regulations 2020(1).

A postal ballot paper which was returned by a postal voter has no effect for the purpose of the postponed poll.
12 Oct 2020
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