Adoption - prospective adopter's case record Duty

(1) The adoption agency must set up a case record in respect of the prospective adopter (“the prospective adopter’s case record”) and place on that case record—

(a)the prospective adopter stage one plan;
(b)the information and reports obtained by the agency by virtue of this Part;
(c)the prospective adopter assessment plan;
(d)the prospective adopter’s report and the prospective adopter’s observations on that report;
(e)Where applicable the written record of the proceedings of the adoption panel under regulation 30A (and where applicable regulation 30B(8)), its recommendation, the reasons for the recommendation and any advice given by the panel to the agency;
(f)the record of the agency’s decision under regulation 30B(1), (6) or as the case may be (9);
(g)where the prospective adopter applied to the Secretary of State for a review by an independent review panel the recommendation of that review panel;
(h)where applicable, the prospective adopter’s review report and the prospective adopter’s observations on that report;
(i)the prospective adopter matching plan; and
(j)any other documents or information obtained by the agency which it considers should be included in that case record.
29 May 2020
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