Adoption panel - child referred by adoption agency Duty

Where a local authority is an adoption agency its adoption panel must:
(1) consider the case of every child referred to it by the adoption agency and make a recommendation to the agency as to whether the child should be placed for adoption.
(2) in considering what recommendation to make the adoption panel must have regard to the duties imposed on the adoption agency under [section 1(2), (4) and (6)]1 of the Act (considerations applying to the exercise of powers in relation to the adoption of a child) and–
(a) must consider and take into account the reports and any other information passed to it in accordance with regulation 17;
(b) may request the agency to obtain any other relevant information which the panel considers necessary; and
(c) must obtain legal advice in relation to the case.
(3) Where the adoption panel makes a recommendation to the adoption agency that the child should be placed for adoption, it must consider and may at the same time give advice to the agency about–
(a) the arrangements which the agency proposes to make for allowing any person contact with the child; and
(b) where the agency is a local authority, whether an application should be made by the authority for a placement order in respect of the child.
29 May 2020
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