Adoption agencies - appointment of agency adviser Duty

Where a local authority is an adoption agency it must,

Appoint a senior member of staff, or where local authorities agree to constitute joint adoption panels as necessary appoint a senior member of staff of one of them, (referred to in this regulation as the “agency adviser” )—
(a) to assist the agency with the maintenance of the central list and the constitution of adoption panels,
(b) to be responsible for the induction and training of persons in the central list,
(c) to be responsible for liaison between the agency and an adoption panel, monitoring the performance of persons in the central list and members of the adoption panel and the administration of adoption panels, and
(d) to give such advice to an adoption panel as the panel may request in relation to any case or generally.

The agency adviser must be a social worker and have at least five years' relevant post-qualification experience and, in the opinion of the adoption agency, relevant management experience.
29 May 2020
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