Employment status Circumstance collection

Employed full-time Circumstance

Working full time - often characterised as working four or five days a week, for 30-40 hours in total.

Employed part-time Circumstance

Working part-time - less hours than a full-time employee, normally not every working day.

Full-time student Circumstance

Currently studying full-time.

Long term sick or disabled Circumstance

People who have a long-term sickness or disability (longer than a year for benefits purposes).

Looking after home or family Circumstance

People who are looking after home or family rather than being in work or study.

Not in employment Circumstance

Not currently in employment.

Retired Circumstance

No longer working due to deciding to retire. The UK no longer has a state-mandated retirement age, but there are laws governing receipt of state pensions.

Self employed Circumstance

Self-employed people.

Student (including full time students) Circumstance

All students, including full time and part-time.

Unemployed Circumstance

Not currently in paid work and actively seeking it.

Other Circumstance

Employment status not covered in other employment circumstances.