Improved environment Benefit Discontinued

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Enhanced Transport Information Benefit Discontinued

e.g. TFL and transport direct which encourage use of public transport and modal shift

Improved access to healthy food Benefit Discontinued

e.g. Information online, access to healthy food co-ops, technology supporting community gardening projects

Improved envirocrime reporting service Benefit Discontinued

e.g. Report graffiti and fly tipping via web/ phone (Lewisham)

Improved envirocrime responsiveness Benefit Discontinued

e.g. Solihull community housing interactive CCTV system has improved community cleanliness - prevention and response

Increased awareness of carbon footprint Benefit Discontinued

e.g. ACTON Co2 calculator via the Internet

Increased Flexible Working Benefit Discontinued

e.g. Homeshoring (Nottingham), Virtual Contact Centres for delivering Therapy (Doncaster PCT)

Increased Shift to Public Transport Benefit Discontinued

e.g. Transport direct via the internet or digital TV helps to encourage modal shift