Crime and safety Benefit Discontinued

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Improved Safety and Security Benefit Discontinued

e.g. AlertBox is an electronic form of neighbourhood watch

Improved Support for front line workers Benefit Discontinued

e.g. Community Wardens using PDAs to record incidents whilst out in the field.

Increased Support for Victims Benefit Discontinued

e.g. Text based bullying lines, Cyber mentors etc

Reduced Fear of Crime Benefit Discontinued

e.g. Community displays and screens with reassuring information on crime and crime reporting

Reduced Re-offending Benefit Discontinued

e.g. Virtual Campus project, or Virtual Home project in Leicester to help exoffenders access services

Reduction in Anti-social Behaviour Benefit Discontinued

e.g. Digital TV based neighbourhood watch, intergenerational activities using technology, Solihull Community Housing interactive CCTV system

Reduction in Crime Benefit Discontinued

e.g. Information sharing between partners in Birmingham has helped to focus partner resources on priority issues and areas