Enhanced services Benefit Discontinued

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Efficiency Gains - cost avoidance Benefit Discontinued

e.g. Virtual Prison Campus helps to reducing reoffending and the associated costs, telecare helps to avoid elderly falls escalating into larger issues

Efficiency Gains - personnel Benefit Discontinued

e.g. Telecare reduces loading on A&E and in hospitals, Online Choice Based Lettings reduces face to face enquiries

Efficiency Gains - resources Benefit Discontinued

e.g. GIS mapping of benefit hotspots enables focusing of marketing resources in areas of most need

Enhanced Involvement and Consultation Benefit Discontinued

e.g. Digital Mentors programme run by Media Trust, lots of examples of technology supporting 'empowerment'

Equality Delivery/ Increased Reach Benefit Discontinued

e.g. Directgov & Transport Direct can be delivered indirectly via intermediaries to people who don't have direct access - so they can still benefit

Faster Response Benefit Discontinued

e.g. online benefits calculator enables immediate access to benefits advice tailored to personal circumstances

Improved Awareness Benefit Discontinued

e.g. Myguide increases the awareness of online government services to those just learning how to use the internet for the first time

Improved Capability to Use Service Benefit Discontinued

e.g. UK online centres worked in the South West to help people to access egovernment service through community centres

Improved Communication Benefit Discontinued

e.g. SMS used for deaf people, or video signing aids, or Milton Keynes web avatars - all improve communication

Improved Employee Satisfaction Benefit Discontinued

e.g. Technology used to free up front line worker time to focus on value added, more satisfying/ rewarding work

Improved Information Benefit Discontinued

e.g. Directgov consolidates information in one place across many different areas of government services

Improved Information Sharing Benefit Discontinued

e.g. the CHAIN homelessness database enables sharing of information across hostels

Improved Integration with other services Benefit Discontinued

e.g. ebenefits - integration of benefits across multiple agencies via a single service entry point

Improved Reliability and Consistency Benefit Discontinued

e.g. Meganexus customer database which improve the consistency of reporting against employment outcomes

Improved Reputation and Trust Benefit Discontinued

e.g. Solihull Community Housing interactive CCTV services has improved tenant satisfaction and the organisations reputation/ trust with tenants

Improved Reuse/ Retention Benefit Discontinued

e.g. Freecycle promotes reuse of products, technology which gives staff the flexibility to work at home or in the community can support retention/ reduce churn

Improved Satisfaction Benefit Discontinued

e.g. Solihull Community Housing interactive CCTV service has improved tenant satisfaction

Improved Security Benefit Discontinued

e.g. Use of cashless smart cards in school canteens is a more secure and safer way to pay

Improved Transparency Benefit Discontinued

e.g. Patient opinion improve transparency of health services, Care records improve transparency of care record etc

Improved Use of Service Benefit Discontinued

e.g. egovernment rural eChampion programme helped to increase the use of online government services in rural areas

Increased Availability Benefit Discontinued

e.g. Being able to look for Jobs on Job Centre Plus online in the evenings when job centres are closed

Increased Choice Benefit Discontinued

e.g. Choice based lettings for housing, Choose and Book for health etc.

Increased Flexibility Benefit Discontinued

e.g. GP and Hospital bookings via digital TV provide increased choice and flexibility in appointment times and changing these times

Increased Personalisation Benefit Discontinued

e.g. the CHAIN homelessness database enables services to be tailored to homeless people when they turn up at a hostel

Increased Usability Benefit Discontinued

e.g. Starthere makes access to services very easy - particularly for those with literacy issues

More Efficient Use of Skills Benefit Discontinued

e.g. Telecare enables falls to be handled by carers rather than ambulance workers

Reduced Risk Benefit Discontinued

e.g. South West Regional Reoffending Partnership - data sharing between partners to reduce the risk of reoffending, Contactpoint to reduce risks around vulnerable children

Stronger Partnerships Benefit Discontinued

e.g. South West Regional Reoffending Partnership - data sharing between partners to reduce the risk of reoffending,

Time Savings Benefit Discontinued

e.g. Remote case management systems which avoid rekeying of data back in the office - e.g. digi pen and paper (Leeds)