Housing Benefit Discontinued

All items are discontinued. Toggle to show discontinued items

Enhanced Housing Information and Advice Benefit Discontinued

e.g. Housing Advice via DigiTV, Starthere kiosk service, Choice Based Lettings via Kiosks

Enhanced Support for the Homeless Benefit Discontinued

e.g. Website with up-to-date info on hostels for intermediaries to support homeless, Chain - database of rough sleepers

Enhanced Tennant-Landlord Interaction Benefit Discontinued

e.g. Solihull Community Housing community web site, Community display screens - Places for People

Improved Bidding Service Benefit Discontinued

e.g. Choice based lettings via Digital TV (Kirklees)

Improved Choice in Social Housing Benefit Discontinued

e.g. Virtual Viewings (einnovations programme), Choice Based Lettings via Digital TV (Kirklees)

Improved Repair and Maintenance Service Benefit Discontinued

e.g. Responsive Repairs (Harlow) - uses mobile technology to alert and schedule maintenance staff

Tennant Access to ICT and Support Benefit Discontinued

e.g. Peabody Trust DigiVan, Carpenters Connect, Solihull Community Housing Broadband Powerline Service

Tennant Satisfaction Benefit Discontinued

e.g. Interactive community CCTV system (Solihull Community Housing)