Stronger community Benefit Discontinued

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Enhanced Community Cohesion Benefit Discontinued

e.g. Community display screens promoting positive community activities and events, community web sites, Nings etc.

Enhanced Community Integration Benefit Discontinued

e.g. Mobile phone based English as a Second Language (ESOL) training for BME communities (City of London)

Enhanced Community Participation Benefit Discontinued

e.g. Using games technology as an engagement tool to help people meet their neighbours, take part in activities etc

Increased ICT Capacity of Community and Voluntary Sector Benefit Discontinued

e.g. electronic village halls and eChampions (Sunderland), Web hosting Service (Stratford Upon Avon)

Increased Satisfaction with Community Benefit Discontinued

e.g. Solihull Community Housing Project - 'virtual community

Increased Volunteering Benefit Discontinued

e.g. Everybody online - volunteers helping their neighbours to access the internet and use computers, electronic Timebanking (Kirklees)

Stronger Community and Voluntary Sector Benefit Discontinued

e.g. Meganexus which helps 3rd sector employment agencies deliver an efficient and effective service;