Finance and income Benefit Discontinued

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Alleviate Poverty Benefit Discontinued

e.g. paying international development funding to peoples mobiles to bypass corrupt governments, online debt advice

Free/ Subsidised Computers/ Equipment Benefit Discontinued

e.g. Home Access Initiative to give PCs and the internet to poorer pupils

Free/ Subsidised Internet Access Benefit Discontinued

e.g. BT Basic, Milton Keynes service, Solihull Community Housing project

Improved access to financial information and debt advice Benefit Discontinued

e.g. Advice Guide online, Toynbee Hall online services

Improved access to financial services Benefit Discontinued

e.g. Electronic credit union services via interactive TV

Increase in Benefits/ Entitlements Claimed Benefit Discontinued

e.g. link-age teams, ebenefits Rotherham, or GIS mapping of benefit claims in Staffordshire Moorlands

Make Money/ Generate Revenue Benefit Discontinued

e.g. ebay clubs for individuals to sell items, or a shared service offered by a local authority that generates revenue

Save Money/ Reduce Expenditure Benefit Discontinued

For organisations or individuals e.g. reduced travel expenses, or online shopping savings

Stimulate Informal economy Benefit Discontinued

e.g. Freecycle, timebanking etc

Support Financial Education and Skills Benefit Discontinued

e.g. Financial education games via mobile phones or interactive TV