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A to Z list Discontinued

Glossary of services

Areas list

A list of geographical area types

Channels list Discontinued

Means of interacting between people and organisations

Circumstances group of lists

Characteristics of people and places

Functions list

Functional hierarchy of local government service areas

Interactions list Discontinued

Ways in which people interact to use services

Issues and benefits list Discontinued

Issues addressed and benefits resulting from projects and services

Life events list On hold

Happenings, planned or otherwise, that change people's circumstances

Metric types list

Measures of demography, characteristics and performance

Needs list

Requirements that, if met, result in an improvement of circumstances

Organisation types list

A list of organisation types

Periods list

A list of time period types

Powers and duties list

Legislation conferring the right or responsibility to deliver services

Processes list Discontinued

Sequences of activities performed to deliver services

Services group of lists

Services provided by local government

Subjects list Discontinued

IPSV, the Integrated Public Sector Vocabulary defining subject categories

Website navigation group of lists Discontinued

Hierarchy of local government service areas suitable for website browsing

Other group of lists

Lists applicable to specific services

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